Tuesday, July 05, 2005

What to do, What to do...

I don't know about you, but all of the decent blogs that I've read have always seemed to have started not long after one of those profound moments that make you look inwards at yourself. For how one of the best blogs on the net got started after one such event, check out WWdN.

My own personal moment came after an eye exam just last weekend. Went through the regular exam, no big changes there, just needed a bit stronger for the reading portion. I was really just there because my old lenses were scratched all to hell. But he put the drops in to dilate the eyes and then sent me out for a bit while the drops did their work.

About twenty minutes later, he called me back in. First he checks the right eye, then the left. Then he goes back to the right eye and then back to the left. This process repeats about five or six more times. By round three, I’m thinking, ‘Oh shit, this can’t be good!’ as this is normally a 30 second exam, 15 seconds per eye.

“Well, I’m afraid I have some bad news for you” says the doc.

‘No shit!’ I think.

“As you know, with diabetics we like to keep track of the health of the retina, and I found some very small micro-hemorrhaging in front of your retinas. I’m afraid you have the start of diabetic retinopathy.”

He went on a bit more and gave me a referral for a more in-depth exam at the hospital (I still have to set that up) but my mind had locked itself on those two (not so) little words, diabetic retinopathy. I knew I would hear those words sooner or later, I was just hoping it would be a bit more on the later side.

Having Type 1 diabetes for around 22 years now, I’ve always known that this was in my future, still, it does suck when it finally arrives. So to console myself, I picked up a new coffee maker and grinder. What can I say I’m a coffee snob and love the good stuff! Maybe next month I’ll ditch my old point-and-shoot digital camera and pick myself up a nice dSLR—I love photography and really miss the control of the SLR’s.

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CrimeNotes said...

Keep plugging away at it and write about what keeps you interested -- it's a good way to discipline your writing and thinking if nothing else. A post a day (even a short post) helps clarify things sometime. A buddy and I started a blog with only friends as readers but have developed a small but consistent readership, majority of them being strangers. Sorry to hear of the health development.